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Can Dogs Eat Mango?

Mangos are a delicious fruit choice that is usually available all year around. While not all of us eat mangos on a regular basis, they are a fruit that is delicious with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. What’s nice about mangos too is that they are very easy to digest due to their soft texture.

So when you are slicing up a mango, can you toss or even hand-deliver a piece to your pup?

You certainly can!

Mangos Are Safe For Dogs To Eat

Mango, like some other fruits and vegetables, is safe dogs to eat, but in small amounts.

Of course, every dog is different and you should consult your vet before adding sharing any fruit with your pup. Most vets will recommend that any human food, fruit or vegetable should only make up around 10% of a dog’s diet.

For more ideas on what your dog can or shouldn’t eat, our ultimate guide to safe food for dogs can be a good guide to help!

Benefits of Mangos For Dogs

Mangos are not only a sweet and delicious fruit that your dog can enjoy but they are filled with potassium, alpha-carotene and even beta-carotene. As far as vitamins, mangos are like a super multi-vitamin with vitamins A, B6, C, and even E!

If you do decide to share mangos, make sure to remove the pit first! When ripe, the mango is a nice fruit choice for your dog because it tends to go down more easily than other fruits due to its softer texture.

A couple of small cubes should be plenty for your pup.

When Mangos Can Be Harmful To Dogs

Mangos are generally safe for dogs but the pit needs to be removed first before sharing it. And, if the skin is still on the mango, that should be removed as well.  A dog could choke on a piece of mango with skin on it and, of course, it is harder to digest.

Mangos do have a little more sugar than other fruit, so only feed it to your dogs sparingly. If your dog is diabetic, mangos might not be suitable if your dog is taking medication or just as and another sugar source.

Always check with your vet to see if mangos are the right fruit for your pup. Sometimes a dog can even have an allergic reaction to certain food or fruit.

If you see any of the following symptoms after feeding your dog mango, you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible:

  • Coughing
  • Diarrhea
  • Swelling
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting

How You Can Share Mango With Your Pup

Puppy eating a piece of mango

Each dog will react differently to different fruits and vegetables, human and otherwise,  so please make sure to check with your vet before introducing mango into your dog’s diet.

Once your vet says that you can share a little mango, you can do the following:

  • Chop the mango into cubes and put them in the freezer.
  • Just plain old mango in small chunks as a treat.
  • Mash it up and mix it in your pup’s wet food to add a little variety.
  • Put a couple of cubes on top of your dog’s dry food to add a little variation.

Other Fruits And Food Choices Dog Might Enjoy

Most dogs will love the taste of mango, but if your pup isn’t one fo them, here are some other food choices you can sample:

Food That Is Not Safe For Dogs

Below are some food choices that are not safe for dogs to sample:

The Final Verdict on Mangos For Dogs

Mangos are a fruit that you can share with your dog in small amounts. It’s always best to start with a very small amount of mango and make sure your dog doesn’t have a bad reaction to it.

Of course, this should always be the case with any new fruit or food that you share with your pup.

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