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Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn.   Many of us just can’t go to the movies without eating a big bowl of popcorn.

Or even make some popcorn at home when watching a movie or binging on a TV show!

Some of us like our popcorn air-popped, but there’s nothing better than popcorn with butter and a little salt to make it complete.

When you’re munching on some popcorn and your dog is about to grab a piece out of the bowl, you’re probably wondering can dogs eat popcorn?

The answer is…sometimes.

Is Popcorn Safe For Dogs?

If you’re eating popcorn that is merely air popped without butter than you can share a few pieces with your dog.

While plain popcorn can add some nutritional benefits to your pup’s diet like magnesium, zinc and phosphorous, it isn’t especially important to add popcorn to your dog’s diet.

But, you can share a few pieces.

And be careful with the kernels because they can cause your dog to choke, particularly smaller dogs who might have a harder time digesting them.

However, due to the extra fiber in popcorn, if your dog eats too much popcorn, it can cause diarrhea for your pup.

Corn on its’ own can be safe for dogs as well.  And add some good vitamins and minerals.

But, corn on the cob should never be fed to dogs.

If you are wondering what other food choices are safe or not safe for dogs, our ultimate safe food guide, can give you some guidance!

When Is Popcorn Bad For Dogs?

Popcorn isn’t safe for dogs when it has any salt, oil, butter or any of the other things we humans tend to add to our popcorn to make it delicious.

Not only can eating popcorn with toppings cause most dogs to have digestive issues but if eaten often, your pup can easily put on weight.

Even just the salt on the popcorn can be unhealthy for dogs.

If your dog eats too much salted popcorn, any of the below can occur:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydrated from too much salt
  • Kidney damage if too much popcorn is eaten
  • Pieces of popcorn and particularly the kernels can get stuck in your dog’s teeth
  • Your pup could easily choke on the unpopped kernels
  • Small dogs, particularly, might have trouble digesting even a small piece
  • Some dogs might even have an allergic reaction to popcorn

Allergic Reactions to Popcorn Might Include:

A dog holding popcorn and a drinkIf your dog is allergic to corn, your pup might experience the following symptoms:

  • Hives
  • Swelling on your dog’s body
  • Vomiting
  • Coughing

How To Share Popcorn & Other Foods With Your Dog

If you want to share a little popcorn with your dog, just make sure it is dry, plain air-popped without any salt or butter.

Just plain.  And watch out for the kernels.

Safe Food Choices for Dogs

There are many other safe food choices that your dog can eat in moderation:

Food Choices That Are Not Safe For Dogs

There are other food choices, similar to corn on the cob that is not safe for dogs:

How Pet Insurance Help If Your Dog Eats To Much Popcorn

While a few popcorn pieces won’t hurt your dog, sometimes two pieces are just not enough for your dog.

And if your dog eats the entire bowl of popcorn (which had salt and butter on it), the consequences won’t be pretty and your dog might have diarrhea or much worse.

And you would most likely need to go to your vet immediately to make sure your dog is OK.

With pet insurance, you can take that extra caution and bring your dog in without worrying about the bill and can be focused on getting your dog better.

Not only will pet insurance help you with the popcorn incident but if your dog needs any other further treatment, it can help pay for that too.

The top insurance providers, like Healthy Paws, Embrace and Figo will cover up to 90% of the popcorn bill and that’s always an added bonus.

We recommend Healthy Paws as the #1 pet health insurance provider!

Fetch Rates With Healthy Paws!

In fact, pet insurance can help if your dog ate anything that he shouldn’t or any other medical conditions that might occur.

Popcorn Can Be Shared With Your Dog Sparingly

While corn does have some nutritional benefits, it’s not really a great boost in merely a couple of pieces of popcorn.

So, does popcorn need to be added to your diet?  Not really…

But, if your dog is giving you those sad eyes or begging you for a piece or two, make sure that the popcorn is plain and unsalted.  And he should be fine.

But, if you’re eating a bowl of popcorn with salt, butter or any toppings, make sure to keep it away from your dog.

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