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10 Futuristic Pet Gadgets Trending on Kickstarter Right Now

It happens to everyone, perhaps even more so to doting pet owners. We’re going through life just fine, until we find out about some awesome newfangled pet gizmo we never even knew existed yet suddenly cannot live without. It happened to us 11 times when we researched the most popular futuristic pet products being funded on Kickstarter. And we had to stop there before we drained our bank accounts completely. Read on, and you’ll see what we mean!

clever pets kickstarter

1. CleverPet: Electronic Game

Remember the electronic game Simon, where you had to push whatever button lit up on the device? CleverPet is like a Simon for dogs, dispensing a treat when your pooch touches the right pads in the right combinations with his nose or paw. Instead of chewing the couch while you’re at work, your dog can stay busy, engaged, and entertained. Savvy algorithms track progress and keep upping the ante, making your dog brainier by the millisecond. You can even check in on his performance in real-time through the app.


cube pets

2. Petcube: Watch, Talk and Play Device

Stop wondering what your pet gets into when you’re not home – and even stop him from causing destruction – with a handy device called the Petcube. This 4-inch square, durable aluminum cube houses a wide-angle camera, a microphone, and a laser pointer so you can look at, talk to and play with your pet through a Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Get family and friends to install the Petcube app, and they can join in on your pet’s fun.


talio cool cat kickstarter

3. Tailio: Cat Health Monitoring System

Electronic monitoring devices placed in public restrooms may be creepy, but one that sits beneath your cat’s litter box can be a keen way to keep an eye on your kitty’s health. Known as Tailio, the electronic platform monitors your cat’s weight, waste, and elimination behaviors, which are often the first signs of health problems in the making. It works with multiple cats, any type of litter, and gives you all the info via the downloadable Tailio app.

talio cats kickstarter

4. Pet Tutor Blu: Wireless, Remote Control Feeder

Standard food bowls and traditional feeders give your dog a big blob of food all at once, which is a far cry from the daylong foraging and hunting animals would do in the wild. With nothing much else to do the rest of the day, it’s no wonder many dogs get into trouble. Pet Tutor Blu is a remote-control-operated feeding system that lets you use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior while transforming mealtime into interactive playtime all the livelong day.


5. iCPooch: Internet Treat Dispenser

Anyone who regularly shops online knows the thrill of Internet purchases and your dog may feel the same about an Internet-delivered treat. iCPooch is a goodie-filled device that connects to Wi-Fi to let you deliver that treat from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Download the app, connect with the iCPooch device, and then hit the app’s treat button. iCPooch also has an adjustable bracket where you can mount a smartphone or tablet to video chat with your pet.

kickstarter wuf dog collar

6. Wuf: All-in-One Electronic Dog Collar

Wuf is an electronic dog collar that pretty much does everything but clean your kitchen sink. Features help you track activities, train, communicate with, and understand your pet. The collar is equipped with a microphone for him, speaker for you, GPS, accelerometer to measure activity, vibration option to get attention, and Bluetooth capabilities. Connect to the Wuf app and get a rundown on your dog’s ongoing behaviors as well as a daily tip for training and strengthening your bond.

pip smart pet collar

7. Pip: GPS Smart Collar Device

Named after a dog that escaped the yard to chase a squirrel, Pip is a GPS device you clip on your pet’s collar – that goes far beyond your typical GPS collar options. Despite its small size, it boasts a long battery life. It tracks pets using cellular technology, so your pet can be anywhere in the country. And it requires no monthly fees. Use the app to track your pet and send out alerts for help finding him.


8. Tikr: Timed Treat-Dispensing Toy

Fill it with treats, wind it up, and watch your dog go! The Tikr toy automatically dispenses treats throughout the playtime length you set, which can range from five to 45 minutes. The toy dispenses three different-sized treats, moving from the smallest to largest, to keep your dog occupied over the entire duration. Fortified inner chamber protected by outer rubber shell, so dogs don’t chew it open. No batteries or charging required.

ifetch pet toy

9. iFetch and iFetch Too: Automatic Ball Launcher

Some dogs can’t get enough of the game of fetch. When your arm gives out, iFetch keeps going – automatically launching a ball again, and again, and again. Battery or plug-in iFetch uses a miniature tennis ball and launches up to 30 feet. Rechargeable iFetch Too is the bigger version, using a standard ball and launching up to 40 feet. Dogs can play by themselves by dropping the retrieved ball back in the launching chamber again, and again, and again.


fitbark activity monitor

10. Fitbark: Dog Activity Tracker

Humans get FitBit, and dogs can now get FitBark, the wearable, wireless, bone-shaped tracker you clip on your dog’s collar. FitBark transforms daily activities into BarkPoints so you can track your pooch’s progress toward his daily recommended goal. Data is sent through the app to your smartphone or, if you prefer, a base station that looks like a little dog house. Rechargeable, lightweight, and effective on dogs of any size.



Petspeak: Pet Communication Device

Instead of wondering what your dog is thinking, you can clip the Petspeak device on his collar to find out what he has to say. The rechargeable, electronic device monitors your dog’s movements, analyzing the info with an algorithm to trigger different messages. You’re treated to the conversation using the Petspeak app, where your dog can send audio or text messages, and you can create custom pet videos to share with your pals.

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