LaPerm Cat Insurance

This breed, which was developed in the 1980s in Oregon, takes its name from its distinctive curly or “permed” fur, which can be short or long.

Kittens are often born bald or soon lose their hair, with the distinctive curls growing in after a few months.

LaPerms are very curious and sociable, and they love people, though they may be intimidated by children.

They are also known for their frequent, loud purring.


Should you Purchase Insurance for your LaPerm Cat?

Because of their origins as barn cats, LaPerms are hardy, generally living around 15 years.

There is only one report of a breed-specific health issue:

  • Kidney Disease: these cats may at any time from birth through maturity develop blockages in one or both kidneys, apparently as the result of a congenital defect. Diagnosis is based on such behaviors as excessive thirst and urination and can be confirmed with urinalysis. Drugs and/or surgery may be necessary to relieve pain and to prevent the condition from becoming life-threatening.

The cost of a good pet health insurance plan can turn out to be only a fraction of what you could end up paying to treat a chronic condition like feline kidney disease.


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