Persian Cat Insurance

Known for their elegant coats and beautiful personalities, Persian cats are much appreciated by cat lovers.

These playful, social, and patient creatures are interesting to watch, quite affectionate companions, and they are enjoyable to have around.

Persian cats are believed to have originated from an area that is now in modern-day Iran and it is thought that they arrived in Persia via caravans in the 1600s.

Professional breeders have increased the variety of coat colors and body structures in Persian cats, but they have also produced some genetically linked health issues that are now common to the breed.

One of the most prevalent genetic health conditions in the Persian cat breed is the hereditary Polycystic Kidney Disorder, also known as PKD.

This disease is normally characterized by the formation of numerous cysts in the urinary organs of the animal. This often leads to kidney failure and is quite a devastating condition in these pets.

Other potential health concerns in the breed include heart disease, Heart Disease Portosystemic shunt, Neonatal Isoerythrolysis, Urolithiasis, and Lysosomal Storage Disease.

Understanding this information concerning the potential health risks that your Persian cat may encounter is quite important to know ahead of time.


Should You Buy Persian Cat Insurance?

Since the Persian cat is susceptible to chronic illnesses and genetic health issues as well as common accidents, taking good care of your pet would require having in place a proper healthcare plan.

What some pet owners may not know is that managing the vet bills for your pet for either chronic conditions or emergencies may end up being a costly situation.

A standard visit to the vet will cost an average of $450 to $500 without any additional treatment and care.

If prescription drugs, hospitalization, diagnostic scans, and other procedures are required, the pet owner may end up paying $7000 or more in a single instance.

This is especially the case with Persian cat health emergencies and as such, having a backup plan is essential.

With Persian cat pet insurance, you can be at ease when it comes to managing your companion’s healthcare needs and you won’t have to panic if an issue should arise.

Having good insurance cover is always cheaper in the long run.

Comparing Persian Cat Insurance Plans

Your Persian cat is dear to you and is an important part of your life, so you won’t necessarily purchase a policy from the first insurance company that gives you a quotation. It may require a bit of your time to compare the options between a few providers so that you are able to select the one that is right for your Persian cat.

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when doing your comparison. The reputation of the insurance provider is the number one thing to look at. This, coupled with other factors such as their service level and experience,will get you closer to finding the right Persian Cat Insurance Plan.

Considering the price and value of the available plans is essential. If it is cheap but it doesn’t offer adequate coverage for the health conditions that your Persian cat is most likely to suffer from, then it isn’t actually a bargain. The insurance company’s reimbursement modes are also important to investigate to determine whether they use a benefit schedule mode or an invoice mode.

Last but not least, the specific type of insurance plan that you need is an essential consideration. Although some companies fail to provide cover for accidents or hereditary conditions, companies such as Embrace and Pet Plan may be more suitable for your needs if you are looking for a more complete coverthat will include the genetic conditions that your Persian cat is most likely to suffer from in the future.

Persian Cat Insurance Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews are quite informative when looking for the right Persian Cat Insurance Plan. They provide you with details regarding available covers from particular pet insurance providers, the prices for the various policies, a list of what is covered and what is not, and the terms and conditions of the policies.

Frequently you will find testimonials from beneficiaries of these pet insurance companies posted online on consumer review websites where you will see the various companies rated with 4 and 5 stars. You may be inclined to choose a particular provider because they have been rated well on review websites, but it is always wise to do a bit of extra research regarding how they render their services.

Before subscribing with any of them for your Persian cat insurance, be sure to read the complete wording of the policies so that you understand the terms and conditions that are offered.

The best insurance provider is always the one that offers what you are looking for at an affordable rate and that reimburses your claims in full without any difficulties or delays. Purchasing from a reputable insurance provider ensures that your Persian pet will lead the happy and healthy life that he or she deserves.

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    Eric Baker 03/22/2016 at 5:12 am

    Currently I own a beautiful tiny Persian cat. She’s about four years old and some of these hereditary conditions are already causing her some significant problems. Her diet is quite small and she sometimes wakes up meowing needing help. Thanks to picking the right health insurance and making sure that she sees the vet regularly these problems have been reduced significantly. She is the most loving cat I have ever owned, sleepy, affectionate, and perfectly content in my apartment. I hope that my attention to her health problems will result in her living a long and productive life.

  2. Reply
    Fran 04/03/2016 at 4:16 pm

    Persian cats are beautiful, but do need healthcare. My neighbour breeds them, and they are lovely cats.

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