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Nebelung Cat Pet Insurance

Nebelung in German means something like “creature of the mist,” a phrase that nicely captures this cat’s shimmering coat of silver and blue.

A variant of the Russian Blue, this type of cat breed was developed in the 1980s.

Nebelungs’ are longish, mid-sized cats with striking green eyes and medium-length hair.

Males tend to have a neck ruff and their fur is longer on their tail.  They have a double textured coat which is fine and silky. It can take a full two years for their coat to fully develop (Nebelungs are not hypoallergic).

With different coloring from gray to brown, these beauties silky coat should be groomed regularly to avoid matting and keep its shine.

Nebelung Cat Breed Characteristics and Personality

Nebelung CatThe Nebelung is a quiet, sometimes shy cat, but can quickly become fond of anyone he encounters once a little time has passed.

The Nebelung loves to play and is known to be an athletic jumper where he can leap to high places and decide whether he wants to partake in the families’ activities.

Once he is loyal, the kitty loves to hang out with the family and will follow his favorite from room to room.  In fact, this kitty craves attention and wants equal love and petting as other cats or family members.

Wearing of strangers, this kitty will want to approach them on his or her own time frame.

They can be somewhat skittish around children if not given the proper introduction. But, they certainly can be family cats when given the time to adjust, of course, on their own terms!

Even though these beauties love to hang out with other people, they are very good at keeping themselves busy during the day while you work.

While active, the Nebelung is not the destructive type and will run around the house with grace and care for whoever is around and isn’t known to be destructive to furniture.  But, of course, there’s no guarantee there!

Nebelungs’ are known to enjoy a quieter environment and don’t particularly love change.  Therefore, if you move or change his or her room, do so in baby steps so he can adjust.

These cats are not finicky eaters and love to eat so be careful not to overfeed these kitties.

Common Health Issues in Nebelung Cats

Nebelungs are very healthy cats and even though they are pure-breeds, they don’t have as many breed-specific illnesses as other pure-breeds.

However, there are a few health issues that are common among the Nebelungs:

Bladder stones

A cat can develop bladder stones when certain compounds create crystals that build up in a cat’s urinary tract and can block the free flow of urine. The result is great discomfort for the cat, and unwanted behaviors like spraying. Urinalysis will confirm what kind of stones have formed, and treatment usually involves a special diet, though surgery may be required in acute cases.

Nebelung Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism usually occurs in middle and older age.  Some cats will experience non-cancerous growth of the thyroid glands, which are located in the neck.

Because the thyroid produces hormones that affect other parts of the body, various secondary illnesses may develop as a result. Diagnosis is confirmed through a blood panel, and care options include medication, radioactive iodine treatment or surgery.


Gingivitis is a dental disease that occurs when there is a large amount of a plaque build-up in a cat’s mouth.  It can be either a hereditary condition or merely from an inadequate diet. However, if left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease and could eventually cause even more harm to the gums and teeth.

While easy to treat when caught in the early stages, Nebelungs’ tends to have a common predisposition to this disease.

Obesity in Nebelung

While obesity can occur in any cat or breed, Nebelungs are known to love their food and eat heartily.  They are not picky about what they eat and might even try to grab human food over and over again. Therefore, it’s best to find a low calorie, high fiber food that will fill up your Nebelung and keep his weight down.

Obesity in cats is not just unhealthy but can lead to other serious health conditions.

All of these conditions, particularly bladder stones and hyperthyroidism can cause a range of health problems that may require time, patience and many trips to the vet to address for immediate and continued care.

Not only can be they be painful for your cat, but all of these conditions can be very expensive to treat.

Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for your Nebelung Cat?

Nebelungs are among the hardier purebreds, living an average of 15 to 18 years.

And you might be lucky and your Nebelung might not inherit one of the breed-specific conditions that are common among the breed.  But, that’s not all that could happen!

When a cat can live up to 15 years old minimum and maybe even 18, there will be other health issues that will arise.

From kidney disease to diabetes, arthritis and numerous other health conditions that can occur with your cat, pet insurance can help you pay for the treatment, the various diagnostics and lab work that might be needed.

If you enroll your cat in a pet insurance plan while they are young and before any pre-existing condition occurs, then you can save anywhere from 80% to 90% of your medical bills.

The good news is that pet insurance plans for cats are very inexpensive and can start as low as $9 a month.

If you incur one vet bill of $5,000, and you only have to pay 90% of the cost plus whatever deductible you choose, you are already saving money if this was your first incident in 5 years of having cat insurance!

And, $5,000 is the low end of the spectrum when hospital bills can be closer to $10,000.

It’s important to look for pet insurance providers that offer continual treatment and high benefit limits like Healthy Paws, Figo and Pet Plan.

The right pet insurance plans can help ensure that you are able to treat your kitty throughout his or her life with the best care possible.

Cat insurance can give you the peace of mind that you will always be able to afford any potential condition or injury that could occur with your cat.  And, believe us, there are many!

If you are looking to enroll in a new pet insurance policy, our top 8 pet insurance providers for cats is a great place to start!


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