Cymric Cat

Cymrics are essentially long-haired Manx cats, sharing with that breed the rounded head, widely spaced ears, big eyes and of course stubby tail.

Despite its Welsh name, the breed originated in Canada, where it was developed from the Manx.

These cats are very friendly, getting along well with children and other pets, even dogs. Cymrics also share with the Manx a love of water.

Should You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Cymric Cat?

The genetics, and therefore the health outcomes, of Cymric and Manx cat breeds, are very similar.

Thus they are sturdy animals, but have one special health issue:

  • Manx Syndrome: a certain percentage of Manx and Cymric cats suffer from problems relating to their tailless condition. Specifically, the nerves and bones of the tail and spine can become deformed, resulting in a range of pathologies from spina bifida to arthritis to incontinence. The syndrome usually, but not always, develops by around six months of age, and can in part be prevented by clipping the tail stump.

In most cases, Manx syndrome is detected before a kitten is sold, but the problem may manifest itself later.

In any case, many owners will want the security of knowing that they will be able to provide their Cymric with the best care possible, which is what the right pet insurance policy affords.

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    asmaa303 03/23/2016 at 3:04 pm

    i like This kind of cats
    Despite being rather placid, Cymrics love to run and play. They have a peculiar gait and look like bowling balls running around the room. moreover it have nice long hair with attractive colors

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