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Cymric Cat

Cymrics are basically long-haired Manx cats, sharing with that breed the rounded head, widely spaced ears, big eyes and of course stubby tail.

The Cymrics are thought to have originated in 1750 and are a result of a natural genetic mutation off the coast of Britain.   The cats, developed from Manx, are both known for being tailless cats (or at least very short tails).

Despite its Welsh name, the breed originated in Canada, where it was developed from the Manx.

Cymrics are a very friendly breed that gets along well with children and other pets, even dogs.

Cymrics also share with the Manx a love of water.

Cymric Cat Breed Characteristics

The Cymric has a round head with round, large eyes and a muscular, stout body.

With long rear legs and shorter front legs, the Cymric has been sometimes called a “cabbit” because he looks like a combination of a cat and a rabbit!

Cymrics have a long, soft double coat which comes in different colors.  You can find Cymrics with tortoiseshell coats, calicos, and tabby patterns.

The Cymric generally matures at a slow rate and will not reach his full adult size until he is 4 to 5 years old.

The Cymrics are medium-sized and will weight anywhere from 9 to 12 pounds.

The Cymrics’ coat can be easily cared for by combing it a few times a week to remove the matted hair and to distribute their natural skin oil.

Cymrics’ have a life span that ranges from 14 to 16 years old.

Cymric Personality

Cymric Cat

Cymric cats are known to be like a watchdog – they are very aware of their surroundings and will even growl at an unknown noise or predator.

This doesn’t mean that your Cymric will be constantly moving.  While he loves to protect the family, he does enjoy a mellow surrounding.  He is a chill, happy cat.

Your Cymric is a happy kitty who will follow you around the house and help you with whatever you are doing.  He loves people and affection.

Not known as a loud meowing guy, he will communicate with you when he’s ready but in a quieter way.

This is a very adaptable cat who loves children and will even greet strangers if socialized as a kitten.  The Cymric also likes dogs and gets along well with many pets.

A smart cat, the Cymric is trainable, loves to play fetch and will even come when you call his or her name.

Cymrics’ are like Manx in their love for the water, so don’t be surprised if they are found in your sink or sitting by the bathtub!

A Cymric will even respect your wishes and not jump on the table when asked or scratch up your furniture.  Of course, you need to give your kitty an acceptable alternative like a scratching post or tree.

Common Health Issues in Cymric Cats

While Cymrics are generally healthy cats, the following diseases have been common to the breed:

Manx Syndrome

Manx syndrome, which affects a certain percentage of Manx and Cymric cats, is a condition that results from problems relating to their tailless condition.

Specifically, the nerves and bones of the tail and spine can become deformed, resulting in a range of pathologies from spina bifida to arthritis to incontinence. The syndrome usually, but not always, develops by around six months of age and can in part be prevented by clipping the tail stump.

In most cases, Manx syndrome is detected before a kitten is sold from a reputable breeder, but the problem may manifest itself later.

Corneal Dystrophy

Corneal dystrophy is a genetic eye condition that affects both of a cat’s eyes in the same way.  The cornea develops a cloudiness film over both eyes and while rare, it can happen to most Manx breeds or derivations of the breed.

Corneal dystrophy occurs when a kitten is around 4 months old.

Periodontal disease

Cat periodontal disease, or gum disease in cats, is when the gums or any part of a cat’s teeth are inflamed.  It is a common disease among cats, but Cymric and Manx are known to have a higher rate of periodontal disease.

Annual teeth cleaning and brushing your cat’s teeth can help prevent periodontal disease.

Do Cymric Cats Need Pet Insurance?

When you have a breed like a Cymric, there is a higher likelihood that they will develop one of the breed-specific health conditions that are inherent in Cymrics or even Manx cats.

And pet insurance will save you up to 90% of the medical bills.

Pet insurance will not only pay for the medical bill but also all the testing and diagnostics that go with it.

And, even if you get a perfectly healthy Cymric, when this breed tends to live up to 16 years old, there will be other health conditions that occur.

And this is when pet insurance is both a financial and emotional relief.

The good news is that pet insurance plans for cats are very inexpensive and can start from $10 to $11 a month.

If you have one incident or illness, it is not unusual for the vet bill to be anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000.  And if you have a plan that pays 80 to 90% of your bill, you are already ahead of the game financially.

How To Apply for Pet Insurance

It is important to remember that a pet insurance company will not cover any pre-existing condition which already exists in your cat which is why it’s advantageous to insure your Cymric at a young age.

Make sure to enroll in a pet insurance plan, like Healthy Paws, Embrace or Pet Plan that covers breed-specific conditions and a good, well-rounded comprehensive plan.

Accident Only plans are only for accidents (not illnesses) and will not give you the broad overall coverage that is necessary.

Cat insurance for your Cymric will give you the comfort of knowing that whatever happens to your cat that you can give your Cymric the best medical care possible.

If you are looking to enroll in a new pet insurance policy, our top 8 pet insurance providers for cats is a great place to start!

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    Despite being rather placid, Cymrics love to run and play. They have a peculiar gait and look like bowling balls running around the room. moreover it have nice long hair with attractive colors

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