American Curl Cat

This cat breed is known for their unique appearance, as well as their nature and ability to get along well with other pets.

When the kittens are born, their ears appear straight, but after 3-5 days they begin curling backward and set permanently at about 16 weeks in an arc that can approach 180 degrees, giving a look like a shell.

American Curls originated the early 1980s in California from a natural mutation. These cats crave attention, so don’t expect your kitty to be standoffish and independent.


Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for Your American Curl Cat?

There are no reports of major breed-specific illnesses, but, as might be expected, one health problem does crop up:

  • Ear Infections: any animal can develop an ear infection, but the mutation that curls the ears of these cats cause their ear canals to be especially narrow. Wax may, therefore, build up and provide a home for bacteria and parasites that can damage your cat’s hearing and cause discomfort. Frequent cleanings at home and regular visits to the vet are therefore a must for this breed.
  • As always, reputable breeders offer the best chance of getting a problem-free cat. If problems with the ears do occur, it can cost $100 for a vet cleaning, and several hundred if surgery on the ear is needed. And with purebred Curl kittens going for hundreds to thousands of dollars, owners will want to consider the option of protecting their investment and their peace of mind with pet health insurance.


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