Russian Blue Cat Insurance

They are a preferred cat breed for most households due to their gentle, affectionate and intelligent nature.

They are shy usually when they meet someone for the first time.

The Russian Blue cats have a double coat which makes them appear bigger than they actually are, and their eye color is mostly green, making them look attractive.

They could weigh up to 7 kg when they are matured and could live for up to 25 years of age. As their name suggests, they originated from Arkhangelsk, in Russia around the 1800s.

Because of their sometimes sparkling nature, they could attract attention from people. They appreciate some attention as they love being around their owners and being patted on the head.

Russian Blues are sound cat breeds genetically; this makes them not to have specific health cases.

But a few cases of bladder stones have been diagnosed in this specie of cats.

Before buying a kitten, it is important to have a health guarantee, to avoid complications.


Should You Buy Russian Blue Cat Insurance?

Russian Blue cat health treatments can be quite costly. In a case whereby your Russian Blue cat gets a health problem, such as kidney stones, the cost of treatment can be expensive.

I am sure you will want to provide your cat with the best health care service out there, but in cases of emergencies, the cost of treatment can go up to thousands of dollars.

A good number of people who own cats get disturbed about affording to pay the hospital bills in case of an illness to their cat or not. Russian Blue cat insurance will help you settle your bills when your cat falls ill or gets injured.

If you have the right cat insurance policy, you can confidently follow your veterinary doctors suggestions about your cats treatment, knowing that your insurance policy has that covered.

How to Compare Russian Blue Cat Insurance Plans

The major importance of cat insurance is that it can save your cats life when it falls ill or when an accident occurs to it. Also, the cost of regular health checkup gets paid for by your insurance.

But the question most cat owners ask is, which cat insurance provider is the right one?

Before selecting an insurance company, find out if that company is dependable.

Because a lot of insurance companies have started up in the past and they are nowhere to be found now. Make sure the company you will choose is very stable and has some experience.

You should also find out if that insurance plan has the right coverage for your cat.

Understand all that is covered and all that isn’t covered in the insurance plan, so as to avoid disappointments later. Try as much as you can to select a plan that covers all common illnesses for your cat.

Since Russian Blue cats are likely to develop kidney stones, select an insurance policy like Pet Premium cat Heath Insurance and cats Best Insurance that covers all kidney related illnesses.

Russian Blue Cat Insurance Ratings & Reviews

A lot of Russian Blue cat owners have the problem of not fully understanding the insurance policies, and in the end get disappointed when one of their claims get denied.

You should know that each and every cat insurance company has a different policy, and so you shouldn’t assume that one policy from one company will be the same for other companies. Every company has different terms and conditions, as well as help desk assistance.

Endeavor to read the insurance policies, and make sure you understand what they offer. Understand what you are paying for, what services you can get and what you wouldn’t get. Also, talk to other Russian Blue cat owners and find out their experiences with the insurance company you are interested in.

After you are completely sure you have found the right insurance plan for your cat, your mind will be at rest, knowing that in case of a medical emergency, you have the cost all covered.

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    Louise Butler 03/20/2016 at 8:42 am

    I have recently bought a little Russian blue kitten called Mimi. She is such a clever, affectionate kitten and I am in love already! I do not want to take any risks with her health and want to purchase a suitable insurance plan. Before reading this article I had no idea that Russian blue’s were prone to kidney stones. I am so glad that your article pointed this out. I also was surprised to see that a lot of pet insurance policies do not cover kidney stones so I will be taking your advice and getting cats Best Insurance that covers all kidney related illnesses. Thank you for posting this, it was super-helpful!

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