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Chartreux Cat

The Chartreux cat is commonly thought to be associated with the Carthusian monks of France because of its name.

However, it’s recently been discovered that they more than likely came from Spain and their name was a product of their woolly character that represented common wool of the day.

The Chartreux has a robust body and short legs. It’s most well known for its woolly coat and smiling face.

With round eyes and color that ranges from copper to gold, their personalities are matched only by their beauty.

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Common Health Problems for a Chartreux Cat

While the Chartreux is a generally healthy breed they can be prone to a few hazards.


Most notably, their weight. With their thin coats and short stature, breed owners can often overlook the potential for obesity in this breed.

A healthy weight for a fully grown female is between 6 and 9 pounds and between 10 and 14 pounds for a male.

A healthy and well-balanced diet, along with regular checkups can help prevent obesity.

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease is another health concern. While this condition most frequently occurs in Persian cats, it has been known to cross over into certain other cat breeds like the Chartreux.

This disease presents itself in small, closed and liquid-filled cysts that can develop in the cat’s kidneys. Eventually, this can overwhelm the kidneys and lead to fatal kidney failure.

Struvite Stones

Struvite Stones can present themselves in any breed of cat or dog.


Much like kidney stones in humans, this can be caused by something as simple as a urinary tract infection or by a more serious problem like a urinary tract condition.

Without a proper diagnosis, it can become a medical emergency and cause your Chartreux a lot of suffering or even death.

Some signs of this are cloudy or bloody urine, a lack of bladder control and increased thirst.

Should You Buy Pet Insurance For My Chartreux?

Chartreux health emergencies can become costly very quickly.

One emergency trip to the veterinarian can cost you thousands of dollars.

For instance, if your Chartreux needs an emergency veterinary trip for struvite stones you can expect:

  • Extended Hospitalization: $1,542
  • Anesthetic: $126
  • Emergency Services: $1,180
  • Surgery and Recovery: $2,867

These services may not be covered by your cat insurance.

Because most insurance companies have hidden loopholes and cost caps, you could end up paying out of pocket for part or all of the costs associated with your Chartreux next hospital stay.

If you have reliable coverage for your cat, then these costs should not impact you financially.

Most insurance companies fail to disclose all of the upfront costs that can be associated with treatments.

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How to Compare Cat Insurance Plans

While the Chartreux breed is healthy by nature, finding a good insurance plan is still financially smart.

You can get rates as low as $4.75 a month, but this plan will only cover up to $3,000 of medical expenses.

Leaving you with another $3,000 to cover in the event of an emergency.

How Do You Know What Company Is Right?

Taking the time to find a reputable insurance company is just as important for your cat as it is for yourself.

Research all potential companies and read customer reviews.

Look into the plan you want and read the fine print.

Cat Insurance Ratings & Reviews

The number one complaint that customers have about their cat’s insurance is that they didn’t read the fine print and ended up paying large sums of money out of pocket for their Chartreux emergencies.

While a company may claim to cover up to $10,000 in medical expenses, they may only cover $3,000 during one visit at a time.

Insurance companies can also have a waiting period, so if your Chartreux gets hurt in the first few weeks of your coverage plan, your Chartreux may not be covered.


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