Selkirk Rex Cat Insurance

The Selkirk Rex is a breed that originated only recently with a shelter cat discovered in Montana.

These cuddly and highly social cats are readily identifiable by their uniquely curly fur and whiskers that are the result of a single, dominant gene.

They are big-boned, rather like British Shorthairs, but with plush, eye-catching coats.


Should you Purchase Insurance for your Selkirk Rex?

Cats of course suffer from illnesses just like people do, and purebreds like the Selkirk Rex are prone to certain disorders that are rare in “mutts.”

So before purchasing a Selkirk Rex, make sure that the breeder has been careful to screen for potential problems.

Even the most conscientious breeder, however, cannot guarantee that a kitten will be free of hereditary conditions.

Among the health issues owners of a Selkirk Rex may face are:

  • Polycystic kidney disease: this congenital disorder, which affects as much as 16% of some cat breeds, causes cysts to form in one or both kidneys, and normally doesn’t manifest itself until a cat is seven to ten years old. The condition is progressive and irreversible, though surgery may in some cases help to relieve the cat’s discomfort.
  • Hip dysplasia: another hereditary condition, dysplasia occurs when a kitten is born with a malformed hip socket. This results in acute discomfort for the cat, which may appear sluggish and avoid physical activity. While there is no cure for the disorder, medicines may be administered to treat pain and to improve mobility.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: this most common heart condition in cats results from thickening of the muscles around the heart, which causes the heart to beat irregularly and may lead to clotting and the accumulation of fluid around the lungs and heart. Cats suffering from the condition tend to have relatively short lives, though treatment with drugs that control heart rate and reduce fluid buildup can be effective.

Treatment for any of these conditions can easily add up to thousands of dollars, especially if a cat requires hospitalization.

And for those without insurance, this means making some agonizing decisions about just how much treatment an owner can afford to spend on a beloved pet. Insurance gives pet parents peace of mind, and ensures that their animals will receive the best treatment possible.


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