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Domestic Medium Hair Cat Insurance

These were among the first cats brought by settlers from Europe to the Americas.

Domestic Medium Hairs are of mixed ancestry, so they vary widely in size, appearance, and personality.

The one characteristic shared by these cats is the length of their coats, which is controlled by a single gene.

Given their wide variety, it is hard to generalize about the breed, but they all have thick fur that requires brushing (at least) every week.

Domestic Medium Hair Cat insurance

Should you Purchase Pet Insurance for your Domestic Medium Hair Cat?

Because of their mixed ancestry, Domestic Medium Hairs are less prone to the kinds of congenital diseases that plague many of the more “pure” breeds, which have less genetic diversity.

They are relatively long-lived, with an average lifespan of 15-17 years.

That having been said, certain conditions afflict a substantial portion of the Domestic Medium Hair population:

Feline Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

As in humans, this disease is caused by a deficiency in insulin, a hormone that is crucial for the metabolism of sugars. A cat with diabetes will lose weight and will drink and urinate excessively. Diagnosis is made based on urinalysis and blood work. The disease can be controlled with a combination of changes in diet and medication, including the administration of insulin orally or by injection.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Affecting as many as 16% of some breeds, this congenital disease will form cysts on the kidneys. The disorder does not tend to produce problems until a cat reaches at least seven years of age.

Surgery can be used to relieve discomfort, but polycystic kidney disease is irreversible and progressive.

Domestic Medium Hair Cat Insurance Bottom Line

The fact that your Domestic Medium Hair is less prone than many other cat breeds to feline health issues is no reason to be complacent about being prepared for medical problems. PKD and diabetes can be costly to diagnose and treat, and every animal will encounter difficulties as it ages.


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