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Chausie Cat Insurance

Chausies are a mix between jungle cat and a domestic cat and were one of the first to be recognized as a domestic feline by the International Cat Association.

The early jungle cat hybrids were likely born thousands of years ago in Egypt. The jungle cat was actually one of the only two cat breeds that were mummified in Egyptian temples.

These felines would venture anywhere and would encounter domestic felines along the Nile River.

In the 60s and 70s, breeders experimented with breeding the jungle and domestic cat, hoping to create a wildcat looking domestic feline to keep at home.

The Chausie is a very healthy breed thanks to their breeding.

By pairing the two cat breeds together, the gene pool was able to be widened. However, these cats do require special diets and can develop allergies to the food they may not have been allergic to.

When it comes to their diet, the Chausie cat should be kept on a high protein, low carb, gluten-free diet. Of course, save for the gluten, this diet is ideal for any feline friend of yours due to their bodies.

Of course, they can develop other illnesses as well, such as HCM and FLUTD. Both of these will require trips to the vet for a diagnosis, treatment and so on.

Should You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Chausie?

With the right insurance, you can make sure that your furry friend is healthy as can be! You can have coverage for routine visits, as well as more serious ones.

There are many benefits that come with having Chausie cat insurance.

  • Even a healthy breed like the Chausie can develop sicknesses, become injured or have an incident that requires emergency attention and care. In fact, when you give a cat the proper care, you can ensure that they live a long and healthy life!
  • According to Embrace, the pet industry today only has about 0.65% of the animal population insured. This means that a majority of the cats that come to the vet aren’t insured, and their owners are often spending hundreds, or even thousands, on the vet. Even more frequently, sick animals aren’t taken to the vet.
  • Being a responsible cat owner means making sure that they are 100% taken care of. Cats may be independent creatures for the most part, but you have to provide for them where they cannot. This includes their health.

How to Compare Pet Insurance Plans for Chausie Cats

Comparing cat insurance for your Chausie is similar to shopping around for car insurance or health insurance.

Get the wrong one, and you’re more than likely going to be disappointed in the end.

You need to look around extensively and learn about the policy before purchasing it. Choose the insurance that is most suited to you and your cat’s needs.

Many people begin by comparing the insurance companies to one another in terms of experience in the industry, as well as reviews left by their customers.

Of course, it is important to take a look through each company’s policies, which are usually located on their website.

Consider what factors may affect the coverage your cat can receive.

There may be certain illnesses that aren’t covered, or you may have to reach a deductible before you can access the insurance.

In fact, some factors could completely remove you from eligibility for the cat insurance.

All policies are different and should be looked at differently. However, you can still compare them.

Many insurer’s offer similar policies that may have alternative fine print and requirements.

Compare these to one another. There are also websites that are designed to make it easy to make these comparisons!

Chausie Cat Insurance Reviews And Ratings

Always look deeper into the Chausie cat insurance company before deciding that you’ve found your plan.

What kind of experience have others had with the company? Are they disappointed, or did they get the coverage they needed?

Don’t forget that some may not have read the coverage and exemptions, meaning that they may leave negative reviews that weren’t truly the fault of the insurance company’s.

These people may have been helped in another way, so be sure to read through it all.

Of course, choosing a great insurance plan for your Chausie will take some time.

You can always ask your vet for their opinion on different insurance companies, though many may recommend Healthy Paws.

With Chausie cat insurance, you’ll feel more assured about your cat’s life.

You would be able to have your vet perform the diagnosis, treatments, and other things your cat needs without going broke.


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