Ashera Cat

Ashera is a hybrid cat breed that has caused some controversy.

In fact, the breed was marketed by Lifestyle Pets as an African serval paired with Asian Leopard cat paired with a domestic cat.

It was later discovered through DNA testing that the breed was actually simple an F1 Savannah cat, which is the closest generation to the Asian Leopard cat.

The breed is a cross between the serval, which is a wild African cat, and a domestic feline.

The Ashera is the first generation of kittens born to this breeding pair. The first one was produced in 1986 and approved in 2001.

As a purebred cat, the feline does have some potential health concerns that their owners should be aware of.

As with any pure breed, the Ashera cat may develop Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). In fact, it is possible that the Bengal Cat, which shares genetics with the Ashera, has links to the disease.

Some Ashera cats inherit the Servals tendency to have a smaller life expectancy, though this doesn’t have many medical impacts.

W hen it comes to this breed, there are many misconceptions, such as the idea that they are more sensitive to vaccines than domestic cats.

Opting for Ashera cat insurance can help you navigate medical emergencies with a clear head, saving you from financial concerns and letting you focus on the more important matter.


Should You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Ashera Cat?

According to Pet Premium, 70% of all cats experience some type of oral disease by the time they are 3 years old.

Few owners even realize that there is anything wrong with their Ashera cat, as they are just as skilled at hiding it as other domestic cat breeds are. If your cat were to swallow something dangerous, you could potentially be spending $5,000 or even more to cover the various medical expenses.

However, with Ashera cat insurance, you can be reimbursed up to 100% of your medical expenses!

Protecting your cat shouldn’t come at such a hefty price.

Having cat insurance can help you circumvent many of the problems associated with caring for animals. Many Ashera cat owners wish they were able to give their feline friend the very best of care, however, they may not know where to get started.

Ashera cat insurance can cover a variety of situations, though it does depend on your cat insurance policy. Emergency vet fees can be expensive, especially during longer treatments. In addition, cat insurance policies may offer to cover routine visits, emergency treatments, medications and other situations.

How to Compare Pet Insurance Plans

When it comes to choosing between different policies and insurers, you need to do a good bit of research before choosing one. Never commit to an insurance provider without weighing them against one another, as well as against similar plans. Don’t simply aim for the cheapest rates, instead choose a plan that is suited to you and your cat’s needs.

You should always look for companies that have been in the business for some time, and have exhibited reliability, honesty and transparency. However, there is more to it than that. Many companies have multiple levels of policies to choose from, such as Pet Premium’s 3 levels. Read their policies carefully to see which one would be best for you, and consider the overall value of the policy.

Since the Ashera cat does have a pre-disposition toward HCM, insurance can allow you to provide the treatment they need should the disease be present. The right provider is even willing to cover the tests to determine their HCM status through congenital or hereditary illness.

Cat Insurance Ratings and Reviews

You can find reviews online at many trustworthy websites, including Ashera cat forums.

Owners are always happy to share a good or bad experience with fellow cat fanciers, however, it is important to take all reviews with a grain of salt. Some bad experiences may be due to misunderstanding the policy coverage.

When you check out reviews and ratings on your preferred insurance policy, be sure you are looking at the exact policy.

Compare the coverage and service to the overall cost of the insurance to ensure that you are getting the right insurance for you. Not every insurance policy that has a similar level has the same fine print, so always read the policy thoroughly.

You can always find information on the company online, though it is wise to make sure the site you’re looking at is reputable.

There are many great resources for learning about the best policies for your feline friend! You can find ratings on many of the insurance sites, as well as articles on the subject.

If there is anything about the topic that you find confusing, it may be worth the effort and expense to sit down with an attorney for 30 minutes and go over the details.


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