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Broken Bones in Dogs

Broken Bones in Dogs Cost: $225 to $5,100

Common Causes of Bone Fractures in Dogs

 Fractured bones in dogs most frequently occur as the result of an accident, although older dogs are also more susceptible to broken bones than their younger counterparts. Because dogs have a skeletal system and bone density similar to humans, their bones are broken in similar ways.

black and brown large down on a white backdrop with a cast on the leg Breaks can range from hairline fractures healed through rest to compound fractures that require surgical procedures. Vets can determine the severity of a fracture with X-rays and, in more severe cases, an MRI.

Treatment for Dog Broken Bones

Treatment for broken bones varies depending on the severity of the break. Less severe fractures may heal on their own, while others may require extensive surgery. The location of the fracture is another factor that contributes to the type and cost of treatment.

Treating a leg fracture, for instance, will be less costly and arduous to fix than a fracture in the hip or spine.

While there is no surefire way to protect your dog from an accident and broken bones, you can protect his health and your finances by ensuring he’s enrolled in a pet insurance plan that comes to your rescue when you’re hit with high vet bills.

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    Mike A 10/30/2016 at 9:28 am

    One day I took “Doogie” out for a run in what I thought was a safe park field. Doogie was chasing his ball at his customary break neck speed and gave a big yelp and slowly tried to limp back to me. His leg was fractured so I rushed him in for help.

    All I can say is thank goodness I had insurance because while the bill wasn’t huge, it would definitely have been more than a stretch for me.

    I later went back to the field and filled in the gopher hole.

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