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Compare Pet Insurance

Most insurance policies are confusing. Unfortunately, pet insurance policies are no exception.

For example, with most pet healthcare coverage, you don’t know if the claim will be approved or denied until AFTER you’ve paid the bill out of pocket.

You can reduce the risk of a surprising denial if you understand the aspects of a policy before you buy it. We have outlined these in our pet insurance comparison chart for easy reference.

You can easily compare pet insurance plans from several top companies.

We’ve simplified each policy’s fine print and included vet-verified tips and warnings to help you choose.

We’ve also defined important terms you should know so you can compare pet insurance with confidence.

Why Does Pet Insurance Cost Vary So Much?

When you start to compare pet insurance plans, you’ll see a wide range of price quotes.

Pet insurances base their price on factors like:

  • breed
  • age
  • zip code

Each pet insurance weighs these factors differently which affects the cost. Also, prices vary by coverage.

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Pet Comparison Chart

all pet insurance plans Applies to all plans
some pet insurance plans Applies to some plans
no pet insurance plans Does not apply to any plans
Compare all plans
Compare any two plans
  • #2 Embrace
  • #1 Healthy Paws
  • #7 Nationwide
  • #3 Pets Best
  • #4 Pet Plan
  • #6 Pet Premium
  • #2 Embrace
  • #1 Healthy Paws
  • #7 Nationwide
  • #3 Pets Best
  • #4 Pet Plan
  • #6 Pet Premium

nationwide pet insurance comparison petpremium pet insurance comparison petplan pet insurance comparison petfirst pet insurance comparison pets best pet insurance comparison embrace pet insurance comparison healthy paws pet insurance comparison
Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote
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Monthly Cost Basic Coverage $48.22
Several limits
Several limits
Several limits
Several limits
Several limits
Several limits
No limits
Overall Score 1.4 3.1 3.5 3.8 3.6 4.3 4.9
Monthly Cost Best Coverage $65.66
Several limits
Several limits
Several limits
No limits
No limits
Several limits
No limits
Tips & Highlights Poor customer reviews Low payouts Flexible coverage Reimburses veterinary exam fees Offers accident-only plan Applies deductible before copay to save you $ #1 customer rated since 2013
Vet-Verified Summary Bad reputation with customers Too many limitations Watch out for deductibles Watch out for deductibles Low annual limit on base plans Great coverage but expensive Overall best coverage
Choose your own vet choose your veterinarian
Injuries injury coverage
Illnesses illnesses
Hereditary conditions hereditary conditions
Congenital conditions congenital conditions
Prescription medications prescription medications
Alternative therapies alternative therapies
Wellness option pet wellness plans
Flexible deductible flexible deductibles
Annual deductible annual deductible
Choose reimbursement choose your reimbursement
Reimbursed per vet bill vet bills
No annual limits no annual limits
No lifetime limits no lifetime limits
No limits per condition per-condition deductible limits
Covered for life lifetime coverage
No upper age limit no upper age limit
Discounts available no upper age limit promos and discount codes promos and discount codes promos and discount codes
Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review

*Quotes based on 1-year-old, male, medium-sized mixed breed dog in California zip code 90017 as of January 1, 2019

Healthy Paws is our #1 Choice.
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Pet Insurance Comparison Chart: Important Definitions

Annual Limits

A maximum amount of money you can be reimbursed every year. Some pet insurance policies have them; others don’t.

Benefit Schedule

A rundown on the amount of reimbursement you’ll get for specific conditions or treatments. Some pet insurance companies reimburse you according to a set benefit schedule instead of covering a percentage of the actual vet bill.


Percentage of the vet bill you pay out-of-pocket. If you have a 90 percent reimbursement level, your co-pay is 10 percent of the vet bill.

Congenital Conditions

Health conditions your pet is born with. They can be hereditary or passed down genetically. They can also result from abnormal development before birth.

Not all pet insurance plans cover congenital conditions. Not all congenital conditions are immediately apparent and may show signs sometime after birth.


Amount of money you pay out-of-pocket before your pet insurance coverage kicks in.


List of conditions or limitations on your coverage. Read them carefully, as they vary widely from policy to policy.

Hereditary Conditions

Disorders or diseases your pet inherits genetically, often referred to as breed-specific conditions since they tend to affect certain breeds of dogs and cats.

Not all pet insurance plans cover hereditary conditions.


“Incident” refers to the specific condition for which your pet is being treated. “Per incident” and “per condition” mean the same thing.

Lifetime Limits

A maximum amount of money you can be reimbursed over the lifetime of your pet insurance policy.

Reimbursement Level

Percentage of the vet bill the pet insurance company reimburses you after you pay your deductible.

The reimbursement level determines your co-pay. If you have a 70 percent reimbursement level, your co-pay is 30 percent of the vet bill.


Also called “endorsements,” riders are add-ons to an insurance policy that provide additional coverage at an additional cost.

Different companies may offer different riders, such as a prescription medication rider, complementary care rider, or breeding rider for pregnancy care.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Health issues that your pet has already been diagnosed with or shown signs of before your pet insurance plan becomes active.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by any pet insurance plan.

Waiting Period

Set amount of time you’re required to wait after enrollment before your pet insurance policy becomes active.

Pet insurance policies may have different waiting times for different conditions and coverage options.

The waiting period for injuries and accidents may be as short as a day or two while other conditions may have a waiting period of several months.


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  1. Reply
    Mindy 06/23/2017 at 10:09 am

    Loved the article! It’s Precise, accurate and well researched. It’s amazing how clear cost and effectiveness has been elaborated. With the vastly populated pet insurance industry, your site simplified my decision making process. Jesse (my dog) and I are eternally thankful.

  2. Reply
    Jamie 06/23/2017 at 3:47 pm

    Quite a beneficial and informative article. Really helped a lot. I was able to select a suitable plan for my puppy.

  3. Reply
    Rae 07/29/2017 at 5:48 am

    I’m switching from Trupanion because the per condition coverage doesn’t really work for us. My dog is a 7 year old pitbull rescue. She had skin problems when I got her so they have always been excluded. In checking out different companies which are highly recommended I’ve noticed that rates double or triple when her breed is noted. Several have offered coverage that is close to or over $100 month.
    Are there any that provide services not based on breed?

  4. Reply
    Kimberly 09/21/2017 at 2:03 am

    Unfortunately, we purchased insurance too late after I was told my 1 year may need surgery for torn ACL. I ended up with Trupanion as it was most common at my Vet’s office. However, now that I see the comparison chart, tt seems I should have gone with Healthypaws. I would like to keep my premiums low and it seems Trupanion covers at 90%. — I did called them to get clarity on the waiting period and pre-existing conditions. Basically, none of the testing being done now is going to be covered as we are in the waiting period. The surgery or rehab that is being proposed for the near future is also not going to be covered. Unfortunately, there is no plan that would help cover for some of it. Just thought I share in case you are reading and still in the fence with getting pet insurance. Do it! It will save you thousands of dollars. Question – Could I change pet insurance after the 30 day period.. to avoid a gap in coverage?

    • Reply
      Pet Insurance U 10/04/2017 at 1:08 am

      Hi Kimberly, we recommend checking directly with the pet insurance before you switch. Waiting periods can be a tricky issue to get around and we wouldn’t want your dog to be without coverage in case another issue pops up that won’t be covered. As you can see, our pet insurance comparisons include Trupanion and Healthy Paws. Honestly, they’re both great plans. One of the main things to be aware of is Trupanion’s per condition deductible. If your dog has multiple health issues in a year, paying the deductible over and over can really add up. Check out the pet insurance comparison chart for more info and please let us know if you have any questions at all! We’re sorry to hear about your puppy’s ACL tear, we had the same experience with our Bulldog puppy. Wishing best health to your pup!

  5. Reply
    Nicole 10/06/2017 at 8:25 pm

    Can someone please give a real life example to illustrate how, “One plan applies your reimbursements before the deductible which makes your out-of-pocket expenses higher than the other plan that applies your reimbursements after the deductible.”?

  6. Reply
    Erini 02/09/2018 at 8:43 am

    Hi, I am a new and first time pet owner to a female 9 week old Siberian Husky. She is in good health and I have been trying to do all the best for her and learn as much as possible being I don’t want to miss anything and keep her as well protected as possible. Insurance for people has always been hard and confusing for me, and being I am 26 years old and have been always taken care of on that end, it’s caused me to be spoiled in that sense and not really know much or what to look for. I have been trying to research what would be best for a Siberian Husky, and what is the best option for me. I was wondering if anyone had recommendations based on that she is a new puppy, and I am looking for the best coverage and can offer her the most benefits and can include coverage in some way for vaccines, healthy visits, and aspects for a new little puppy. Price wise, I of course want the best deal, but I am willing to spend whatever it will be if it provides the best coverage, most benefits, and really helps with all various aspects for a new puppy and all there is to come. I apologize if I sound stupid, but I was looking at Healthy Paws, primarily because on many sites I see how highly rated they are time after time, but I do see that they don’t have that wellness option, but I am also trying to learn in it’s entirety what that totally means. This article is a phenomenal source and I am forever grateful for the breakdown, and comments from others to help me grasp everything and pointers to think about and see. I did see on two other site articles aside from this website, that Healthy Paws however, may not be a good idea for a Siberian Husky and recommended Embrace, or Trupanion. I didn’t understand completely why, but the best I understood is because the site stated that with some issues that pure bred Siberian Huskies can face, that it can take an extended period of time for approval, and the result often is denial in certain issues and certain coverage of treatments being denied. If anyone has any recommendations for me, or anything for me to look at as a new pet owner, I am totally open and willing for pointers and what I need to look for or even criticisms on what I need to do better. I just am really trying to be the best pet mom I can be and give the best life and care I possibly can for my little girl and I am ever grateful for advice. This article and comment area however, have been such a great source and I am so so happy this was something I have come upon. All the best in 2018 to you all and your four legged best friend, and thank you in advance to anything you can teach and information you can provide me with!

    • Reply
      Pet Insurance U 02/11/2018 at 12:25 am

      Hi Erini! We’re so glad you’re doing everything to take the best care of your new husky baby. We put together this pet insurance comparison chart for pet parents like yourself. Although Healthy Paws is the #1 customer-rated pet insurance, you’re correct that it doesn’t cover wellness visits or preventative care. Other pet insurance companies, like Embrace and Trupanion, offer wellness coverage, but you’ll see that the monthly price is considerably higher. Additionally, many plans with wellness options have a cap on how much they’ll reimburse you for vaccines and other regular vet care. Many pet parents find that wellness coverage it isn’t cost effective after all. If you’re still interested in wellness plans, compare Embrace vs. Trupanion. Get quotes for each and explore how much they’ll actually pay for wellness. Otherwise, your best option is definitely Healthy Paws. Regardless which plan you decide to go with, it’s best to get your pup insured as soon as possible so there’s no risk of her developing a pre-existing condition that would be denied by any pet insurance company.
      Peace & Paws, Pet Insurance U

  7. Reply
    Sam 03/03/2018 at 5:03 am

    Hi there! We have 3 cats with very minimal needs, no pre-existing conditions except 1 with a slight heart murmur (ok, maybe a little overweight), indoor, neutered. 2 Domestic, one Norweigien Forest Cat.

    What level of coverage would you recommend? I’m very interested in making sure to take good care of their teeth which is $250 with no coverage. If the deductible is more than 250 and we pay out of pocket for wellness exams, does it pay to have right now? They are ages 3 and 4.

  8. Reply
    Mary 04/06/2018 at 1:21 am

    I was very unhappy with a claim payment by Nationwide for an emergency room visit, and I want to change insurance, but my dog has had seizures, so it would become pre-existing in any new plan. However, I understand that many plans will not cover epilepsy in any case. My dog has not yet needed any medication.
    Any experience with this?
    Thank you for any information available.

  9. Reply
    Kathy 06/01/2018 at 2:03 am

    Thank you for this comparison. I have always had Nationwide–covered 6 different dogs with it over about 20yrs and have never had any issues with them. They actually refunded my payments (I pay monthly) when my pets have passed away. Wonder why they have such low reviews on your site. I like Healthy Paws, but they don’t cover wellness and I now have a puppy.

  10. Reply
    Anonymous 07/23/2018 at 9:25 pm

    Almost made a huge mistake by assuming that coverage would automatically cover my working dogs for a line-of-duty injury. Since my dogs are disaster search and rescue dogs, injury coverage is crucial. I asked the question about LOD injuries and illnesses almost as an afterthought when speaking with the Healthy Paws rep, and she informed me that injuries sustained during work were NOT covered through them. Healthy Paws also required a vet exam within the two week waiting period, even though the dogs all had their annual exams in February. To have new exams to enroll would have cost me over $500. After comparison shopping, Pets Best did not require a new exam to enroll, and had a very short waiting period for coverage. They also had no limitations whatsoever for working dogs or injuries sustained during line of duty events. So glad I thought to ask about the coverage limitations!

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